Reflective Practice

Reflective practice helps build team bonds and creates the type of communication and relationships within the group that feeds into the day-to-day work experience and allows problems and tensions to be resolved more easily.

Reflective practice creates the opportunity for your team to examine their professional decision making and mindset, and to connect with their motivation and purpose for their work. It is a learning environment, designed to enhance best practice by creating a melting pot of shared ideas and differing perspectives from the vast experience and knowledge from within the team.

Reflective practice is a protected time provided by an organisation for their staff. It is a supportive and facilitated space, normally one 90-minute session every four weeks, which gives professional frontline staff and management teams an opportunity to take a pause from the pressures and stresses of their roles and responsibilities. It creates the opportunity for team members to think about how they are being impacted by their work and to consider creative ways to better support themselves and each other.

If you are interested in Reflective Practice for your organisation please contact Brendan.