Help and guidance for all areas of your life.


Life Coaching

Brendan will help you to gently explore pertinent issues and help guide, track, support and encourage you to achieve your desired goals.​

Reflective Practice

Brendan will allow you (as individuals and as a team) to step back and reflect on behaviours and actions taken, thus allowing you to learn, build on successes and make improvements going forward.​​

Training Programme

Brendan will take you on a deep dive into the science and practices that support resilience and help you gain insight into what will support and strengthen your life.​

About Brendan

Brendan is a Life Coach and facilitator/trainer based in Cork City. He is a respected professional and has worked most of his career with frontline staff, managements teams and a wide range of individual clients.

My Motivation

I love getting to know people, and supporting them to figure out their best life, it is the most meaningful and rewarding work I have ever done